In These Cases, Your Serious Injuries Can Be Compensated

patients in ER wheelcairs

Maybe you thought that every serious injury you’ll get in life must be covered by yourself. However, sometimes accidents do happen, and in this case, you can get your medical costs cover by your insurance company or even by the government. All you need to do is hire a serious injury attorney to look at your case and fight for it. Here are the types of accidents that can get you a serious injury compensation.


Blue car bent accidentMotor Vehicle Collisions

Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, truck, or bus, an accident involving these vehicles are considered traffic accidents and you won’t have to pay for the medical recovery of your injury caused by these accidents.

This considers where you stand during the accident. If a drunk driver hits you, you’ll most likely get compensated for your injuries.

However, if you are the drunk driver, then it is unlikely that your injuries would be covered by the government or insurance. You can only get a compensation if in the accident, you are the victim and not the perpetrator of the accident.


Boat Accidents

Boat accidents are not considered motor vehicle accidents since it occurs on the sea, lake, or river. If, for example, your boat tips over and you experienced a serious injury from it, you would be able to get a medical compensation. Another case would be if another boat or ship steers your boat off, which is sometimes considered as boat collision, you’d be able to get coverage for that too. Boat accidents are tricky because there aren’t cameras out there that can confirm who’s at fault, so make sure you tell your lawyer about the situation as detailed as possible.


construction site buildingConstruction Accidents

You don’t have to be working as a construction worker to experience construction accidents. There has been a lot of cases where construction causes accidents, even as simple as a loose pipe rolling over and hitting someone in the head.

The company developing these constructions are usually responsible for the coverage of any medical expenses for injuries caused by construction accidents.

Most of the victims are, sadly, bypassers who happen to walk next to the construction site, since they aren’t wearing helmets like the construction workers.


Environmental Disaster Injuries

This is a case that should definitely be covered by the government, since every nation has a funding for environmental disasters. In Southeast Asia for example, the environmental disaster fund is usually the highest, since islands in Asia are susceptible to volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. If you were in one of these disasters and experience a serious injury from it, you should have to pay nothing for your medical recoveries as it is all compensated by the government.