Our Vision and Mission

Itafari’s vision is to inspire and empower every Rwandan to thrive, prosper and serve their community.

Itafari’s mission is to transform, empower, lead and grow Rwanda in alignment with Rwanda Vision 2020. By engaging our global strategic partners and volunteers, we develop and maintain enduring financially stable programs for the people of Rwanda.

Our Action

Growing a country, one brick (Itafari) at a time.

The color of the Rwandan soil, the red brick serves to remind us how simple change can be; to inspire us to take even the smallest step toward healing our world, and rebuild the foundation of a country torn apart by fear, hatred and ignorance.

More than two decades after the Rwandan genocide claimed nearly 1 million innocent men, women and children, the country continues to struggle against crushing poverty, starvation, disease, and an overall lack of justice. People of conscience throughout the world have begun to realize that this wasn’t solely Africa’s problem, and that any human rights violation impacts us all. And from that place of consciousness and compassion, the Itafari Foundation was born.

A 501(c)(3) organization founded in August 2005, the Itafari Foundation’s vision is that every Rwandan will have the opportunity to dream of a better life, and the power to make it a reality. One day, every Rwandan will thrive as valued, life-long members of the world community.

All funds, awareness efforts and partnership programs established by the Itafari Foundation will directly support the people of Rwanda in the following capacities:

Education and building the Kigali Parents School

  • Supporting the most vulnerable and innocent through education, entrepreneurship and training
  • Providing education fees, uniforms and books to children so that they can attend school and learn a trade for self sufficiency.