The Itafari Foundation is closed, but our mission lives on – One Child at a Time!


The Itafari Foundation is closed as of 12/31/2016.  We have accomplished the goals we set out to achieve over a decade ago.  We are no longer accepting donations. Since 2005 the Itafari Foundation has been working on behalf of our donors and beneficiaries and we are excited to have set and reached our objectives. We have been proud and excellent stewards of our supporters’ and donor’s money all while creating real change for thousands of lives through our services.

Our passion and interest in Rwanda continues and so too does our mission: transform, empower, lead and grow Rwanda in alignment with Rwanda Vision 2020. The Itafari Foundation will now support the men, women and children of Rwanda in partnership with the Kittelson Charitable Foundation (KCF).

KCF is dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary for sustainable education AND economic independence in Rwanda. Today Kittelson Charitable Foundation is sponsoring nearly 50 Rwandan students on an on-going basis.

I have known Wayne Kittelson for years (in fact we met through our mutual love of Rwanda).  KCF provides Rwandan students with uniforms, mattresses, shoes, and toiletries needed at their boarding school; pays for their tuition and school supplies; and sends students to secondary schools throughout Rwanda. KCF sponsors students ranging from age 5 to 30 and from kindergarten to the university level.  They have a long-term commitment to the students in Rwanda and I am thrilled to be supporting their work.

We want to welcome the donors and members of The Itafari Foundation to the home website of the Kittelson Charitable Foundation.  Please consider donating to this great organization Donate to the Kittelson Charitable Foundation.

If you have questions, you can always contact me or KCF directly.  Let us do what we can, where we are, with what we have, in the time we have left.

In Rwanda we say, “Kora ibyiza buri munsi”.  (Do good every day).  Murakoze cyane cyane (thank you very very much) for all the good you did through the Itafari Foundation.

I’ll be headed back to Rwanda in May 2017 to place the bricks in the school that have been purchased throughout the years by donors.  Pictures will be posted and if I can be of assistance please contact me directly. More to come!

Warmly, Mama Itafari aka Victoria Trabosh, Co-Founder and President