We are celebrating Itafari’s closing with 21 DAYS OF ITAFARI! This is our final fundraiser!

Now through December 31st I will be sharing stories and personal images of a determined people and a beautiful country rebuilding after a nationwide genocide. The community is committed to rebuilding and sustaining growth for years to come, from building schools, hospitals and creating business from micro-loans. Your donations will go directly towards building the Kigali Secondary School. Our goal is to raise $23,000 by December 31, 2016 because that is the amount raised in 2005 which started the Itafari Foundation. Since November 30, 2016, we’ve raised $7,000! That means we’re only $16,000 away from our goal! Give by December 31st to be eligible for your 2016 tax deductible donation!

Pay it forward and learn how you can help here: www.Itafari.org/donate


Kigali Parents Primary School Kids and Victoria Trabosh